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Máy khử từ Set Degauss 600

Máy khử từ Set Degauss 600

Nhà sản xuất:EWM

Mã sản phẩm:

Xuất xứ:Germany

Giá:Liên hệ(Đã bao gồm VAT)

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  • Mô tả sản phẩm
    • Set: Degauss 600 degaussing machine, two 5 m load cables (35 mm²) and one 20 m load cable (35 mm²), RT DGS1 remote control including 5 m connection cable
    • Degauss – automatic degaussing process before welding:
    • dependable degaussing for better welding results through stable welding process without magnetic deflection, minimisation of finishing work
    • activgauss (10–250 A) – degaussing during welding:
    • avoids moving up of magnetic field during the welding process in case of very long and strongly magnetised components
    • Quick connection to the component thanks to the practical load cable set
    • Robust design suitable for construction site use
    • Impact-resistant casing
    • Inspected protection against splash water (IP-34s)
    • RT DGS1 remote control – controls degaussing during welding (activgauss):
    • activates the activgauss function
    • Infinitely adjustable current for generation of the required opposing magnetic field
    • Pole reversing switch, start/stop function
    • Operation directly at the welding site
    • Recommended accessories: FIM1-4 magnetic field meter for measuring magnetic direct and alternating fields
    • Advantages of degaussing:
    • No deflection of the arc by residual magnetism in the workpiece
    • Prevention of lack of fusion due to insufficient sidewall fusion
    • Minimisation of finishing work
    • Cost-efficient and high-quality results






    • One-knob operation for automatic degaussing
    Welding process Degaussing current
    Functions Degaussing current


    Technical data


    Version Degauss 600
    Mains voltage (tolerances) -25 % - 16 A
    Mains fuses (slow-blow) -25 % - 16 A
    Degaussing current 10 A - 600 A
    cos φ 0.99
    Efficiency 90 %
    Dimensions machine, LxWxH in mm Dimensions (L x B x H) x 539 mm x 210 mm x 415 mm
      Dimensions (L x B x H) x 21.2 inch x 8.3 inch x 16.3 inch
    Weight, machine 25 kg
      55.1 lbs
    EMC class A
    Insulation class H
    Protection class IP34s
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