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Máy vát ống US30CHCA - Boiler & Heat Exchanger Tubes Beveling Machine

Máy vát ống US30CHCA - Boiler & Heat Exchanger Tubes Beveling Machine

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  • Thông số của sản phẩm
  • Standard Capacity
    32mm - 114mm (1.259“-4.488“)
  • Extended Capacity
    32mm - 168,3mm (1.259“ - 6.625“)
  • Cutting head gear drive
    max 30rpm
  • Specifi shapes & angles
    Facing 90°, bevel 30°, 37°30, 45°, counterbore, J-bevel, Other on request
  • Feed stroke
    35 mm
  • Expansion
    9 mm (0.354")
  • Pneumatic drive
    730 W, 6 bar (87 psi), 1400 l/min (49 cfm)
  • Clamping
  • Mô tả sản phẩm
  • The US30CHCA portable pipe beveling machine is durable, reliable, versatile and light weighted. The standard tool-holder plate will accept multiple tool bits, allowing up to four simultaneous machining operations.

    Such operations may include: 30°, 37°30, 45° bevels, J-bevels, compound bevels, facing, counterboring, OD chamfering, removal of weld joints and/or cutting tubes to length of heat exchanger and boiler tubes.

    The tool bits can be changed and adjusted very quickly. Carbide toolinserts may also be used. The US30CHCA features a self-accepting torque system and an integral drive motor.

    This very powerful pipe beveler will perform repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials including mild steel, chrome, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, copper-nickel alloy steel, inconel, P91. aluminium, copper and virtually all exotic alloys.

    Pneumatically driven machines have to be used with a lubricating fiter. Recommended option: regulation valve


    US30CHCA-1000 US30-CH/CA with pneumatic drive and automatic clamping


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