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Opti-Purge®: Most Effective And Efficient Solution For Larger Pipe Sizes

Opti-Purge®: Most Effective And Efficient Solution For Larger Pipe Sizes

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    The Opti-Purge Inflatable Purging System increases productivity when welding large diameter pipes 48″ to 84″ (1219 mm to 2133 mm) of various materials including stainless steel, titanium, nickel and several other metals and alloys.

    The unique one-piece design of Opti-Purge consists of two outer rings and a hollow connector. The unit is easily and quickly inflated to create an impermeable seal within the pipe wall. The hollow connector dramatically reduces the amount of inert gas needed to purge the weld zone, saving both time and money. The exterior of the hollow connector consists of high heat resistant material that can be exposed to temperatures up to 1004°F (540°C).

    A reflective strip on the hollow connector conveniently indicates the center of the Opti-Purge, allowing for fast and accurate alignment of the system.

    The Opti-Purge is the ideal solution for welding large pipe rapidly, requiring minimal preparation for maximum results.

    Features and Benefits


    Inflatable Structure

    • Flexible, lightweight structure
    • Inflated rings create an impermeable, air tight seal on pipe wall
    • Re-usable, long-lasting solution for purging multiple pipes of the same diameter

    High Heat Resistant Hollow Connector

    • High heat resistant, durable exterior fabric can be exposed to temperatures up to 1004°F (540°C) to accommodate heat affected zone (HAZ)
    • Supportive rods extend down length of hollow connector to maintain structural integrity
    • Complete with luminescent indicator for accurate alignment with root gap

    Proprietary Relief Valve

    • Factory pre-set relief valves allow for precise flow rates while minimizing set-up time and reducing gas consumption
    • Aids in maintenance of optimum seal on pipe wall
    • Prevents risk of over inflation

    Tri-Flow Inner Tubing System (BLUE, BLACK & WHITE Hoses)

    Multiple inlet/exhaust ports for faster, more efficient weld purging


    Separate Connections:

    BLUE– Inflation of unit

    Initial function is to inflate the unit by allowing gas to flow into the internal tubing system. Then it proceeds to flood the weld zone with noble gas.


    BLACK – Gas Distribution Within Weld Zone

    Designed to expedite purging, the secondary (BLACK) purge hose is used to flood the weld zone with inert gas and evacuate oxygen at a faster rate


    WHITE – Exhaust Connection

    Connect this hose to an Oxygen Monitor, such as Aquasol’s PRO OX®-100 that obtains readings down to 100 PPM (0.01%), for continuous or spot monitoring of oxygen in the weld zone


    Pull Loops

    • Strong pull loops can be connected to a rope or chain to insert or remove the Opti-Purge
    • Moderate tension should be applied on pull-wires to prevent sagging of the harness during installation and operation


    How Opti-Purge Works


    1. Using the pull loops, position Opti-Purge in the pipe so that the reflective, glow tape portion in the center of the unit is aligned with the root gap

    2. Connect inert gas lines to the BLUE and BLACK hoses

    • BLUE gas hose is required to inflate the purge bladders
    • BLACK gas hose is optional to expedite the purging process

    3. Turn the gas supply on to inflate the unit and purge the weld zone

    • Recommended Flow Rate for Purging:
    • 150 CFH (70 LPM)

    4. Once a tight seal has been achieved, commence welding while maintaining flow rate

    5. After the weld is complete, turn off the gas supply to deflate the unit. Once the heat zone has sufficiently cooled, remove Opti-Purge from the pipe. Be sure to disconnect all gas lines and monitoring equipment.

    6. Clean Opti-Purge and store in area away from hazardous and sharp objects


    Types & Sizes




    Standard sizes of Opti-Purge range from 48″ (1219 mm) to 84″ (2133 mm).

    Inquire for more information.

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