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Multipurpose BTseries

Multipurpose BTseries

Nhà sản xuất:Motoyuki - Global Saw

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Products Code Diameter (mm) Kerf (mm) Plate Thickness (mm) Arbor (mm) Max. use Speed (min-1) Suitable power tool Số lượng
BT-110 110 1.0 0.8 20 4,000


BT-125 125 1.0 0.8 20 4,800


BT-135 135 1.0 0.8 20 4,000


Charging type circularsaw 110mm/125mm/135mm for exclusive use.

C - Circular saw with dust collector A - Metal cutting circular saw Co - Cordless circular saw and Cordless T.C.T saw blade metal cutting machine. An - Anti-dust cutter. Sp - Special machine. L - T.C.T saw blade metal cutting machine(Low-speed). S - T.C.T saw blade metal cutting machine(Small). Ci - Circular saw. H - T.C.T saw blade metal cutting machine(High-speed). T - Table circular saw. Ta - Table slide circular saw. Cu - Cutter E - Engine cutter D - Disk grinder Hi - High-speed wheel cutter

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  • - For sheet-metal gutter and polycarbonate material.

    - Rim type of electrodeposition diamond disk.Perfect for cutting susceptible to Fracture material.

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