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Kim hàn TIG wolfram WTH - tungsten thorium

Kim hàn TIG wolfram WTH - tungsten thorium

Nhà sản xuất:Wolfram Industrie

Mã sản phẩm:

Xuất xứ:Germany

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  • Mô tả sản phẩm
  • Fields of application: TIG welding, plasma applications

    Notwithstanding the dangers that slightly radioactive electrodes may pose, many welders in Europe and Asia continue to swear by “their red” WTh20. Up to 4 percent by weight of thorium dioxide is added to alloys of the WTh type during production. Ignitability increases with a higher oxide content compared to pure tungsten.
 Thoriated tungsten is used wherever a stable electron exit is essential: in plasma spraying, electron beam sources and also welding (see above).

    The electrode responds “good naturedly” to high amperages. But it must be handled with special caution: Vapours or fine dust produced during welding or while resharpening the electrode tip can cause health problems in the body. Implementing suitable safety measures (extraction) is very important in this case.

    Our company is Europe’s sole manufacturer authorised for tungsten-thorium production, which is also why we offer the only WTh electrodes that are 100% compliant with German quality standards.